Artist Statement

These biomorphic, psychological sculptures marry abstract, bulbous forms with playfulness and absurdity, pointing to amusing, baffling or harmful aspects of womanhood and white femininity.

The mixed media pieces highlight and mutate everyday materiality--such as bath mats, panty liners, q-tips, or sponges. In creating the work, I enact commonplace motions, such as painting objects with nail polish, that reference undervalued labor associated with women.

Prodding the boundaries between the childish and womanly, this work investigates the infantilization of white women, the repression that arises from the infantilization, and their subsequent complicity in oppression. Transformative processes used in creating this work—such as concealment and erasure—mimic patterns and histories of white femininity.

Forms, textures, and colors emphasizing the body and softness reference sexuality to reveal and challenge carnal boundaries between immature/adult, accepted/taboo, innocent/guilty, and empowered/objectified.

By dissecting feminine myth and using materials, actions, and processes associated with those myths, these enigmatic sculptures subversively contribute to an evolving femininity while proposing repetition and change as acts of cleansing renewal.

Meg Stein, 2017