9a - 11a
The Carrack Modern Art, 947 E. Main Street Durham, NC
Each session is $20 (includes material costs)
Sign up for two for $35 or three for $55
Dress comfortably & bring a pillow, blanket, and/or yoga mat. 
* Scholarships are available for those who need them. Please contact me for more info.*

Sculpture + Meditation
A creative, meditative, participatory workshop for EVERYONE

These workshops are designed to help participants find self-connection through a hybrid of mindfulness and sculpture. Each session includes an introduction to mindfulness and exercises that allow participants to translate their interiority to materials. Using sculpture, movement, and sound, participants will be guided in the exploration of this translation.

You do not need to be an artist or a practiced meditator to attend! The workshop is best for adults or teenagers, but older kids who are interested in meditation would also be welcome.

In each workshop participants will:
• learn sculpture techniques using common, everyday materials
• gain meditation tools for connecting with emotions and beliefs
• create ephemeral and abstract sculptures (accessible for every skill level)
• participate in group and guided meditations
• interact with sculptures that utilize body sensations

Sculpture + Meditation workshops are two hours long and can be presented in a variety of spaces, including yoga studios, meditation centers, galleries, event spaces, or homes. To schedule a workshop near you, please contact me at meg [dot] stein [dot] artist [at] gmail [dot] com. 

Meg Stein is a sculptor from Durham, NC. She studies Inner-Relationship Focusing, a body-focused meditative practice that enhances connection with emotion and interiority.* Meg received her MFA in Studio Art from UNC-CH. 

*The Inner-Relationship Focusing meditation techniques and ideas used in this workshop are pulled from the work of Eugene Gendlin, Ann Weiser Cornell and others. Meg currently studies Focusing with Mary Love May, a Mindfulness Meditation teacher and Inner-Relationship Focusing guide.