Dirty White Matter


Dirty White Matter


DIRTY WHITE MATTER  is a community-based art collaboration that questions whiteness. 

This project encourages white female and femme folks to be accountable to women of color. Through guided exercises, participants transform everyday materials that visually represent whiteness. Together, participants also listen to and discuss interviews with non-white females sharing their experiences of whiteness. 

You can join for one or several dates. Each event will be different. (You do not need to be cis female to participate.)

• Upcoming dates (2018): 
Saturday, February 17, 5-7p, The Carrack, 947 E. Main St, Durham
Saturday, March 3, 12-2p  (Durham)
Sunday, March 25, 2-4p  (Durham)
Tuesday, April 10, 6-8p  (Durham)
Saturday, April 21, 1-3p  (Durham)

[More events will be scheduled for 2018 in Durham and Asheville. Please contact me if you'd like an event on a different date or in a different location.]

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