Transforming White Femininity
using Art + Movement + Meditation

Fall Retreat
Fri, Oct 18- Sat, Oct 19, 2019
[6p-8:30p on Fri & 10a-8p on Sat]
Pittsboro, NC

This gathering is for white women** to do the collective and individual work of better understanding how we have internalized harmful messages around whiteness and femininity. We will use art, body movement, meditation, and group discussion to investigate and, hopefully, transform or release some of these messages. The motivation behind this event is to hold ourselves and each other accountable for the transformative work we need to do around whiteness and femininity. We will do this together, in an embodied, compassionate way while maintaining our integrity.

** The terms “white” and “women” are used here to mean anyone who identifies as white and as female.

This gathering will happen at a beautiful, secluded residence in Pittsboro that has been generously donated by friends supporting this work. We'll begin Friday, October 18 at 6p for a potluck dinner and will conclude Saturday, October 19 at 8p after a closing dinner together.

Participants are welcome to spend the night Friday night. There are three rooms in the house (1 w/ twin beds, 2 w/queen sized bed) plus a couch, so the house can hold 5-7 people depending on a willingness to share a queen. Additionally, there's plenty of space to camp. Participants can also commute to Pittsboro each day if they'd rather.

On Friday we will eat a meal together, introduce ourselves, go over guidelines and will conclude the evening with a meditation and writing exercise where each participant is asked to select one issue related to whiteness and femininity that they want to work on. On Saturday we will have breakfast, followed by time to share our issues and a related story with one another. We'll then do an art workshop where participants will be guided through using art materials to create a piece related to their issue. After lunch, we will do a movement workshop co-lead by a local dance artist. This will be followed by another meditation and writing exercise. To close we will have a group dinner and sharing circle where participants can share what they made and discovered.

6p-8:30p Potluck and Introductions/Guidelines, “Laying the Foundation”

9-10a Breakfast (optional for commuters)
10a-12:30p Session 1
12:30-2p Lunch
2-4:30p Session 2
5-6p Session 3
6:30-8p Dinner and sharing reflections

**NOTE schedule may shift slightly but beginning and end times will stay the same

Each participant should plan to contribute $20 to cover food costs, plus bring a dish for the Friday night potluck. There's also a suggested donation of $50-$100 to help cover costs of materials and labor.

Please register by Monday, October 7 to participate. Register below by paying the $20 food fee plus whatever suggested donation amount you're able to contribute. I'll follow up shortly afterward to give more details including the address and to arrange sleeping logistics.

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